Monday, December 5, 2011

Triumphant Mudcrabs

I am back. And I brought an old friend along with me for the journey.

Everyone, I'd like to welcome to your great and powerful folds, a system that once supported this blog, but was lain to the side in favor of concurrent updates. This is the triumphant return of the Yogbox.
Like justice to an ice cream cone, this has little effect upon me.
It should be noted that the yogbox is not as... robust as it once was, with the lack of many mods close to my heart (sand chests, more dungeons, random ore, skill leveling), but fear not, home listeners!

For it comes with many new things!
Like random walls of poorly positioned text.
Well, that's... unfortunate. Oh well, at least millenaire, and mo' creatures is still working!
Maize, the basis of all comedic timing.
Oh, and I spy something off in the distance! This is also new!
Okay, it's not BAD per say.
That's cool. BUT WAIT, I see a distraction in the distance!
You have better eyes than most eagles, because all I can see is a forest fire.

Oh sweet Celestia what have I found.
I think the better question is what has found YOU.

Well, that was... Sudden. And Abrupt. And deathy.

So, first impressions of the new yogbox: less rewarding start, more higher end content, lots more mo' creatures stuff, treecuctioner now works with any type of axe, and it turns out I really like seeing little numbers steadily increase for no real good reason.

See you very soon!

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