Monday, December 5, 2011

Triumphant Mudcrabs


I am back. And I brought an old friend along with me for the journey.

Everyone, I'd like to welcome to your great and powerful folds, a system that once supported this blog, but was lain to the side in favor of concurrent updates. This is the triumphant return of the Yogbox.
Like justice to an ice cream cone, this has little effect upon me.
It should be noted that the yogbox is not as... robust as it once was, with the lack of many mods close to my heart (sand chests, more dungeons, random ore, skill leveling), but fear not, home listeners!

For it comes with many new things!
Like random walls of poorly positioned text.
Well, that's... unfortunate. Oh well, at least millenaire, and mo' creatures is still working!
Maize, the basis of all comedic timing.
Oh, and I spy something off in the distance! This is also new!
Okay, it's not BAD per say.
That's cool. BUT WAIT, I see a distraction in the distance!
You have better eyes than most eagles, because all I can see is a forest fire.

Oh sweet Celestia what have I found.
I think the better question is what has found YOU.

Well, that was... Sudden. And Abrupt. And deathy.

So, first impressions of the new yogbox: less rewarding start, more higher end content, lots more mo' creatures stuff, treecuctioner now works with any type of axe, and it turns out I really like seeing little numbers steadily increase for no real good reason.

See you very soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Project 2

Eeyup. Find a link below.
The Glorious and Magnificent Adventure of Dave, and his assistant, Professor Schnicklebutton

A land asunder, adventure, learning, geometry! Fractions! Join this thrilling adventure with our hero, Dave, while he encounters a strange new world, a world, that needs him. More then he will ever know.

Monday, November 28, 2011

All Quite on the Manly Front

No new update this week again. I've been swamped with homework from my REAL LIFE (SHOCKING), and while I have been playing a save, I do not have time to do a full write up. So instead, have another fiddely little link that doesn't actually do anything interesting. In this case, it's the full change log for Minecraft 1.0.0

Saturday, November 19, 2011


So, minecon is going on. I've been mostly ignoring it because I don't actually like Vegas.

However, I did find this video, and I enjoyed it.

WARNING: Video contains mild language not usually associated with this blog.

There's also a part two, but isn't uploaded yet.

See you all in Minecraft 1.0.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



"Death is never an easy thing to face,
But it must be faced, or it cannot be conquered."

The guy who normally makes these posts said that. And he's died a lot of times in Minecraft, so I think he knows a bit more about death than you do, pally.

Now, where were we?
I WAS escaping from the comments box.
Oh right, Minecraft.

Now to find some cows! Why do I need cows? Don't ask stupid questions.
So, why do you need cows?
I found some cows, please stop yelling?
This is what I think of your cows!
NOOOOO! Mr. Moo-moo!
That shall teach you!

No! I refuse to let this travesty stand!

You shall not escape from my master plan!

Master plan?

Of course!

Which is...?

To take over the world!

You cannot defeat me! Wait. CURSES.
Now that we have returned to normalcy, it's time to tech!
You may have won this round, non-italicized text, but I shall remain. Waiting. Watching
But one cannot simply place a cake, that would be anticlimactic.

One must first build a grand monument to honor the cake!

It shall be 60 blocks tall! 600 blocks wide! And made of obsidian! It shall be the new monolith! For cake! For that is the greatest reason to build something large and stupid!
Eh, Lapiz Lazuli is sort of like obsidian.
Close enough.
After that I descended back into the depths of the earth to try and find some diamonds, any diamonds. Seriously, I've been looking for diamonds this entire time and I haven't even seen a single one.

This has just gotten silly. Oh goody, I just dug into an abandoned mine.
Those are spider webs that can be cut with a sword to get string in case you haven't gottten a bow yet, I have one, I just don't have it on me, I wasn't expecting to find a mine.

Oh, and now there are blue spider spawners.
And it's surrounded by webs. Somewhere there is an arachnophobe crying.
Oh, but wait. What's a blue spider you ask?

Well it's simply. It's like a regular spider, but smaller.
Well, it's a spider, and it's blue.
Oh, and they poison you.
Oh and if you're wondering, the angry eyes are from Hardcore mode, the green is from the poison.

Doesn't matter though, because that's an old feature, one of the new exciting features however is tool repair!

Just take any two of the same tools, craft them together...
Like so...
And you'll get a tool with an greater durability then the total of the two.

The new camera can cause some silly effects.

Also: NEVER hit the right hand side of the keyboard. They are cinematic camera controls, and they will break your viewpoint. Seriously man, don't do it. My friend messed with them and he never got things back to normal. The closest he got was with everything mirrored. And everyone knows that Steve? is right handed.

Yes, he is.
 'What's this room for?' I imagine you ask yourself.

Does this help?
Not really. I was there when you dug it and I don't know what's going on.
This room is going to be my mushroom farm! I have a farm for everything else, might as well have one for mushrooms!

And since no home is really complete without copious amounts of lava hanging around, I'm going to fill that ditch with lava, then cover it with glass, with dirt on the raised section.
Oh, look, it's a mini slime. Also, are you SURE you aren't a bond villain?
Well, you know what they say about fire.

If you play with it, you'll fall in lava, won't be able to get out, and burn to death.
Are you SURE that's the what they say?
And... dead.
Yep, dead. I wonder what 295 means.
So, yah. That sucks.

I was actually enjoying this save.

I had multiple working farms, full iron, was replacing my bedroom with a library, had conquered the known world, and still hadn't found any diamond.

But, one must move on!

The final Minecraft 1.0 release build is finished. Not actually released, but it's done, and ready for presenting. Who knows what wonders will await us in the far, far, flung future where we can expect...


Notch owes me $5 for that name.

Until we meet again.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Exploits and Metaconfusion

New world, new day, new week, new build, old texture pack.
Like otters at play.
I spawned in a swamp again. This tends to happen a distressingly large amount. Like Minecraft is suggesting that I should move to New Orleans, or Florida. Maybe even Wall St. Someplace underwater.
Oooh, BURN!
What's that in the distance though, it looks nice.
That is nice.
Inside that mountain to the right was a vertical hole at least 7x7 blocks. I decided to build my home there.
It's... nice.
Why should I hollow out a rock when I can just box one in?
Now that everything is sealed up it's time to do what I tried to do last time, and failed at. Build an empire! And empires need wood, and sugar, and mushrooms!
I will never have to leave this plantation again!

Look at that, it's working already! Soon the world will be mine! They will never suspect the only sentient living creature in the world who lives inside a mountain to try that! Ha ha!

However, I need stone, and iron! And a chariot of fire! Wait, no, the chariot can wait.
And probably shouldn't be made of fire.
So when digging I found some coal, some iron, and a hole.
Yep, that's a hole.
Then I fell in.
You idiot. I just told you that was a hole!
And I was immediately mobbed by... nothing?


Oh well.

I fell directly next to a chasm, which went straight down to a huge lava river.
Hmmm, river of lava joke... Give me a sec.
So I did the only illogical thing and what would probably get me killed. Climbed down to it to explore the other side.
Ooh, redstone! I'm still not surprised.
After gathering some iron, coal, and lapiz, I went back upstairs and ate some chicken I had laying about.

And now I'm hungry.
It's nice to have timers on the status now. Now if only I knew what it did.
After going back down, I decided to mine out the redstone and anything I could find near the river easily. Of course, the easiest way to get across would be to put down some water, but that would require me to put down torches.

I have a better solution. Use wood as a bridge.
This river is just like you, FLAMING, HA! I knew I could get it!
Shut up, snide, yet sometimes insightful comments.
Hey, did you notice that gold when you first took the picture?
That' what I thought. Now take a look at the picture of your inventory.
Wait, how did I get in here?
It's odd that I haven't encountered a single enemy, I did create a hardcore game yes?
HELP, HELP! I'm trapped in the picture comments! Also, yes that's hardcore mode.
Odd, I should have encountered enemies right now... WAIT.

Oh, honestly? Notch. Did this happen?

Yes, it happened. Exploit located. If you play a hardcore game right after a normal one on which you set the difficulty to peaceful, it is dumb and prevents monsters from spawning.

 So, now that I figured that out, let's go stab something!
Good work, you killed a creeper with a wooden sword. After exploding the first one. We can see your health.
He's angry because I was killing his friends.


Apparently I built my house next to a creeper nest.
Oh my.
Then it started raining.
Thankfully, this picture will keep me dry.
Thankfully, this armor will keep me dry.
Tch. Too bad it only provides 7.5 armor now, wise guy.
Now I'm in a desert!
Stop jumpcutting on the readers!
I was gathering sand to make glass, and maybe some TNT. This is probably sufficient, I expended two iron shovels to get this lot.
Pretty waterfall though.
It is nice, isn't it.

Have a sunset
That is NICE.
And now a cactus farm.
Just because you CAN grow everything, doesn't mean you SHOULD.
That's okay, I've entered the industrial age of minecraft!
Pfft, 7 furnaces? Come back when you have 16.
I'm distracting you with pretty pictures!

Ooh, pretty.
While changing my roof out for glass, I started spawning arrows around me.
Are you sure it's you? Maybe it's me.
Oh, no, it's note me.
Well, now he's dead. Cool bory, sto.
I don't know what you're talking about so have some Scootaloos.
That's a lot of eggs.
 Finally! I've looked for them long enough! Finally, I've teched up to beds!

Shut up and go to sleep.

That's it for today, folks! It's already a long and boring post, and I didn't even die at the end. Hopefully I'll be able to find some diamonds soon and actually create an enchanting table.