Monday, September 12, 2011

In which Mushrooms are involved.

Random seeding, no cat required!
1.8 was released, and it came with a whole bunch of new and interesting things, all of which I plan to appreciate in my quest today! Last time was a sudden and unlucky death to a bug, but that's fixed in this release. Right?

ONWARDS, to vanity, glory, and OPERA!
Minecraft, now with 100% more OPERA.
Well this is new, a great big forest, ready for me to claim as my own! This is the new swamp biome that was introduced, and those green things you see hanging everywhere are vines. They can be harvested with shears, but that can wait until another episode.

For now it is time to engage in mass planticide.  The best kind of mass murder. You heard it here first. Everyone's doing it. Do you want to be the ODD ONE OUT?

Anyway, after personally causing the extinction of the local tree population, I had a house.
Honestly, more of a hovel.
After a bit of wandering, I dug a hole into the ground, and found iron! That was rather quick. 
Wooden tech though, so not harvesting it.
Huh, the lighting just got odd, I jump out of my hole to get a better view.
Ah, the end of the first day here in the swamp.


As a person that lives alone in the swamp in a house made of wood, I feel qualified to ask you if you want some Bailey's.
It's dark!
 I open up the menu to check some options and notice something new, a brightness bar?
Moody, A perfect combination of moos and dys.
That's different. It's like daylight in here. Without the sun... Have I become a god? No, can't let that thinking get into my head again. Last time I did that I drowned.

Let's see how the house looks now.
Screencap me like one of your french sheep.
That makes quite the difference.

And, wait what? What just happened?
I accidentally the whole minecraft.
Okay, apparently holding mouse 2 makes your sword go all... menacy? Can menacing be an adjective? Does that actually count as menacing? It's a stick, not exactly menacing material.

And, it doesn't apparently actually do anything. Maybe it's a parry? I'll have to test this theory, and okay, not leaving this morning.
That's a very nice health bar you have there.
Okay then, I guess I'll stay inside for now, time to tech! Stone, chest, more stone! Dig down! Make torches! Better, faster, stronger! I have the technology, I can make me bet- 

I shall devour your precious items, and soul.
Where was I? Oh yah, morning. 
 New day, new adventures!
And I immediately leave my house, to both a skeleton and some zombies. It's okay though, I killed them. Oh, and just so you know with the new mechanics you regen health when at full food, so yah. 

 Dead, dead, from full health, I didn't even take damage. Bored now, exploring.

After murdering some sheep for delicious, delicious wool, I found something else new in 1.8
Yes, I know, they already exist in game, but now, you can actually do something besides eating them!
Just plant a mushroom  in the ground, use a bonemeal, and...

Welcome to Wonderland: Minecraft edition.
Oh, and it works on brown ones too.
And you thought that trees were fun to grow.
Oh, I have an idea. An awful idea. I have a wonderful awful idea. I know just what to do.

I shall build a monument to my greatness, so that all the world my know of my accomplishments! A giant pillar that I will be able to look down from and observe all the peons below, and revel in how small they all look! Like ants!

But not just anything normal, like dirt or stone. No, that isn't good enough. My monument must be unique, and memorable.

No, I shall build it out of MUSHROOM!

There is nothing that can go wrong with this plan.

To start, I'll need a bunch of mushrooms, thankfully, each mushroom block can produce 0-2 mushrooms, so harvesting out one singular mushroom can drop quite a lot.
25 mushrooms! Jackpot!
To start with, plant a mushroom on top of the previous one, like so... 
There is an inception joke to be made here somewhere.
Use a bonemeal. Rinse and repeat, building a ramp as you go.
Onwards and upwards!
I shall be the KING of the mushrooms!

Okay, just have to make this jump and...
Dead. From a fall. Okay so, apparently the only actual threat I have in minecraft is myself.




  1. I've been aware of Minecraft for quite awhile, but haven't ever been too tempted to play. You're pushing me closer to the line, though. What's the best way to get started with the game?

  2. There is a trial edition in which you can get the full game for free for an hour. It sounds long, but you'll find that the time goes away very quickly. I would try that before actual purchase.

  3. This is such an awesome way to play Minecraft! I've never used mods before and usually me and my friends just build stuff and then I blow it up by accident. Or fill it with water. And at least once killed my friends wolves with lava. But this really adds a whole new level to the game! I'll have to check this out.